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Magnus and I have to go to Pennsic setup this weekend separately because he will drive straight from there to teach a class in Kentucky this weekend. Is there anyone who either can offer a ride back to the DC area (or Fredrick MD) this Sunday, or wants to ride up tomorrow and back on Sunday? I dislike driving by myself, and one leg is purely wasted gas - I especially hate that part. Can share gas and tolls of course.
Friends saw the show from this tour in Holland and it was so good they flew to France to watch another show.

We will be outside on the lawn - pray for non-rain, bring a blanky and booze and join us!

Haunted House this Saturday evening

For everyone who is local, but not already busy zombie-walking... my son wanted me to be sure and announce the following mini-play haunted house, which is quickly becoming a tradition in Takoma Park. Takoma ParkCollapse ) 

Garb Call

Howdy. I know, I know, I never post... but hey, I do when I need a favor! My sister is trying to come for Pennsic this year. If anyone is cleaning out old garb, I would love to have a bit extra for her to use (yes, we will be making bog dress stand-bys). She is shorter than I am (5'2" or 3" I guess), less hippy, more buxom - a petite medium. She sunburns, so I want to cover her up, but overheats and chills easily, so I need to figure out layers, and all of the rather underwhelming mosquito population will find her. Why, yes, she IS the frail flower of femininity that I am not. So I guess she will need footwear. For her tiny, size 5 feet - anyone have children's period looking shoes or sandles left over from when your child was 10 or so? ;-D

Bah humbug deux

My sis still has no flight from Germany. I was supposed to pick her up in Dover, yes that's Delaware, today. Trying to get her into Birmingham (yup, Alabama) Saturday. This Space_A might not be such a good deal after all...